October 4

Good Reads – Series 2


This content was saved from the old investmenthunting.com website, in case anyone was still looking for it (with the help of archive.org)

Good Reads – Series 2.  The investor blogging community has been busy scooping up deals.  Lot’s of buys and commentary on sectors lately.  Every Sunday, I enjoy spending a few hours reading my fellow bloggers posts. Inevitably I end up finding new blogs and resources thanks to other bloggers sharing their favorite posts. I am committing to do the same and hopefully some of you find new bloggers to follow. I intend to post a new series of good reads at least once a month.

Blog posts that caught my eye the past week.

FI Fighter wrote a very detailed analysis of the mining industry.  FI Fighter is staking a claim in this sector in the hope of recovery. Read his article – The Best Junior Mining Gold Stocks (2015).

Dennis McCain wrote about one of my favorites stocks, Gilead Sciences.  Gilead has taken a beating the past few weeks, thanks to the market, political agendas, and a recent Morgan Stanley downgrade.  I am long Gilead, in fact, I added 50 more shares this past Friday.  Dennis’ analysis of Gilead Sciences is a good one.

Dividend Mantra had a massive September.  Jason, was a buying machine.  Learn about Jason’s month here – Freedom Fund Update – October 2015.

Roadmap 2 Retire posts a weekly best of called “Chatter Around The World.”  This week he has a bunch of links to great articles that you may have missed.

Dividend Hawk posts a “Week In Review” article every week.  He highlights his moves as well as a list of some great reads.

Div Hut wrote about portfolio sector allocation.  He evaluated his own sector allocation.  This is an important topic and reminder to not be overexposed.  I am guilty of energy overexposure now, something I need to deal with soon.

Tawcan shared a personal story about traveling with a toddler.  Lucky for me, I don’t have to deal with this anymore.  His post took me back 15 years to a time when traveling was a chore.  Tawcan has good advice on how to travel with little ones.

I hope you enjoy this series of good reads. If you posted something you want to share please submit it in the comments section.


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