November 1

Good Reads – Series 3


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Good Reads – Series 3. Every Sunday, I enjoy spending a few hours reading my fellow bloggers posts. Inevitably I end up finding new blogs and resources thanks to other bloggers sharing their favorite posts. I am committing to do the same and hopefully some of you find new bloggers to follow. I intend to post a new series of good reads at least once a month.

Blog posts that caught my eye the past week.

Ryan at My Dividend Growth had a guest post, well not a guest but his new wife introduced herself to the DGI community.  Ryan’s blog is one of my favorites. I look forward to more posts from Ryan and Mrs. MDG. Her first post is A Message From My Wife.

Jason at Dividend Mantra detailed a strategy for accelerating your escape from the rat race in his post Quit Your 9-5 Faster: The Auxiliary Fund.

Tyler at Dividend Hustler posted his October 2105 Dividend Income. Tyler pulls in more in dividends in one month than most of us do in a year.  His posts are always upbeat and inspiring. I am secretly trying to catch and surpass Tyler’s dividend income :-).

Simple Dividend Growth wrote a post titled, Don’t Get Discouraged. In the posts he mentions how it can be difficult to read other blogs and see that you may be investing less money than others.  He offers solutions to discouragement. I admit I am guilty of this at times.  Everyone wants to have a massive portfolio. It takes time. It doesn’t matter how much you invest as long as you are committed to keep on investing.  Most of the time, I am actually inspired by those of you who have larger portfolios and invest more than I do.

Vivianne at Well Rounded Investor wrote a commentary titled, The Spooky Maths That Don’t Add Up With Charity. This article sums up how I feel about large charities. I give my money and time to many charities. However, I only give to local charities where I actually see my money going put to work. Time is something that many local charities need more than money. If you have never done this you should try donating time. I make my children donate time with me at local soup kitchens. They complain and don’t want to go, but we always have fun and meet interesting people.

Steve at Think, Save, Retire wrote a piece called The Awesomeness Of Not Being Important. This article pretty much sums up how I am at the office.

Mr. Saver at Save Money Dammit, wrote about The Power Of Saving $1,000.

J. Money at Budgets Are Sexy posted A List of 8 Guiding Principles For Money. This post is a great reminder of principles to follow.

I hope you enjoy this series of good reads. If you posted something you want to share please submit it in the comments section.


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