October 30

October 2015 – Dividend Update


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Yes! Another dividend update. This is always my favorite post to write. Seeing my dividend total grow month-over-month, year-over-year keeps me motivated to continue on my path to retirement. I am truly amazed at how quickly my annual dividends are growing. If I continue pressing and stay true to my commitment to add up to $50,000 a year in new money; my monthly dividends in 10 years will be more than enough to cover monthly expenses.

Unlike many DGI bloggers, I am not investing so I can retire early. I like working. I am good at what I do and get paid a great annual salary. Once my monthly dividends cover expenses, I will continue doing what I am doing today, reinvest everything.  Not to sound greedy, but I want as much money as possible when I do decide to retire. My plan is to leave a family bank. I want as much money as I can leave behind for future generations.

For the month of October I pulled in $359.04 in dividends. I am really happy with this amount because October is a low dividend payout month for me.  I made more than $350 dollars on 7 stocks. Adding up my dividends received for 2015, I’ve now earned $2,874.18. I estimate that I will finish up 2015 with dividends totaling around $3,200.

If you don’t believe in the power of dividend investing, consider this; In 2014 I earned $821.99 in dividends, 2015 will be $3,200, and my 2016 forward dividends will be around $6,000.  By forward dividends I mean, the dividend estimate of the stocks I own today. I will add more capital this year and throughout 2016. I estimate 2016 dividends in the $7,000 range.

My Dividends

My dividends collected in October were as follows:

My Dividends – Year-Over-Year

This chart tracks my monthly dividends on a year over year basis. 2014 numbers are in blue and 2015 numbers are in red. My dividends in October went from $92.77 in 2014 to $359.04 in 2015.

Full Disclosure: Long ROYT, O, PM, MO, STWD, DPS, CSCO

Did you reach your monthly dividend income goal in October?


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