September 20

Good Reads – Series 1


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Every Sunday, I enjoy spending a few hours reading my fellow bloggers posts. Inevitably I end up finding new blogs and resources thanks to other bloggers sharing their favorite posts. I am committing to do the same and hopefully some of you find new bloggers to follow. My new series of posts is titled Good Reads. I intend to post a new series of good reads at least once a month.

Dennis McCain writes a weekly post titled “Best Ideas This Week.” Dennis highlights companies that are estimated to have fantastic 1-year ROIs. This week Dennis evaluates 5 companies in his post – Best Ideas 20 September 2015.

The Retire Before Dad Blog just turned two-years-old. The blogs latest post – The Retire Before Dad Story, is a summary of two years of posts. The author is open and candid about living at home, traveling the world, investment strategies, views on debt, starting a family, and past jobs.

Vivianne at The Well Rounded Investor highlighted the Dogs of the Dow Investment Method in her latest post.

A Frugal Family’s Journey just opened a new Loyal3 account.  If you haven’t heard of Loyal3 and are looking for a no cost broker, give this post a read.

DivHut found investment advice from the book Ecclesiastes in his latest post, Financial Advice From The Old Testament.

Dividend Hustler is always moving, hence the name. The latest post from my friend over at DH is about a new Hustler townhouse that is on his radar.

American Dividend Dream has been on a buying spree this month.  His latest purchase of Apple is highlighted in this post.

There’s Value’s latest post is How to Divide Your Income. This post highlights the strategy of Li Ka-Shing.

I hope you enjoy this series of good reads.  If you posted something you want to share please submit it in the comments section.


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