November 4

Stock Portfolio


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My Investment Hunting Portfolio is composed of Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, Personal Investment Accounts and my 401k and Roth 401k.  All account balances on this page are updated at least once on a monthly basis on the last day of each month. As I buy new stocks, I periodically update this page to account for new stock buys.

Portfolio – Roth IRAs, IRAs and Investment Accounts

I currently hold positions in 48 publicly traded securities. The majority of my portfolio consists of dividend paying stocks. I do keep 15 percent of my portfolio cash for speculative stocks that may or may not pay dividends. If you’re interested in seeing my monthly dividend income, visit my dividend income page.

The market value as of 7-5-2017 of my IRAs, Roth IRAs and Investment Accounts is $242,869. An additional $25,000 in cash is parked in my IRA and personal retirement account for future investment or for selling cash secured puts.

* I update the chart below a few times throughout each month as purchases and sales are executed. The chart market value may not align with my previous month end values.

My 401k Portfolio

My 401K and Roth 401k balances as of 7-5-17 totaled $71,156.59. $15,930.15 is allocated to my self-directed retirement brokerage account and accounted for in my portfolio above. The remaining funds are held in my employer 401k and Roth 401k plans. After subtracting the self-directed portion, my 401k and Roth 401k balance in this plan is $55,226.44.

Other Portfolio Investments

I like to try new online savings tools. I’m currently testing two popular services, Acorns and Digit.


I also using Acorns on July 14th, 2015. So far, I really like using Acorns. Acorns allows customers to round-up every transaction in their attached accounts. I have mine setup to round up every transaction to the nearest dollar. I also have every ATM withdrawal set to a $1 round-up. Recently, I’ve also setup weekly $50 additions to Acorns. My account total as of 7-4-17 is $4,093.02.

If you’re interested in trying Acorns, click this link.


Digit analyzes your spending habits, then pulls money out of your account many times a month, sometimes everyday.

I use digit as a tool to siphon money from my account without me even noticing the money missing. I let the account grow to $7,000, then I pull the money out and make a $7,000 payment on my investment property mortgage. I pulled $7,000 out in May and paid down my mortgage. Since then, the account has grown quickly. As of 7-5-17, my Digit balance is $2,010.01

If you’re interested in trying Digit, click this link, it’s free to join.

Portfolio Total

When combined, my investment portfolio total is $329,230.



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