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November Dividend Income


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Welcome to my November dividend income post. November is traditionally a slow dividend month for my portfolio. I didn’t manage to beat my 2015 November dividend income. I fell short by a few dollars. Considering that I sold $70,000 worth of stock this year, I’m really excited that I was able to only see a slight annual dividend income decrease.

This extra cash hasn’t been sitting around collecting dust. I’ve used the $70k to sell options. Over the past three months I’ve leveraged this money to sell options. I’ve earned $4,768 in options premiums the past 90 days. This is a 6.8% return on my capital. Not bad for 90 days. If you want to learn more about my options income, I just posted my November options income over at Options Hunting.

November Dividend Income

I was paid by 9 companies and 2 funds. My November dividend income was $305.70. The largest dividends came from Omega Healthcare Investors (OHI) and WYNN Resorts (WYNN). My average daily dividend income totaled $10.19. I sold my POT position earlier in the month. I held the stock for a few months and sold it for a slight gain of $26 dollars.

November Dividend Income – Year-Over-Year

The chart below tracks my monthly dividends earned on a year-over-year basis. 2014 numbers are in blue. 2015 numbers are in red. 2016 numbers are orange. As shown, November dividend income is slightly down year-over-year. I made $13.76 more dollars in November 2015.

November Overall Income

My overall income, dividends plus options premiums was less than the previous 2 months, but I’m still happy with it. In November, I earned $305.70 in dividends, plus $1,347.60 in options premiums. My total November income came to $1,653.30.

What was your November dividend income? Do you earn monthly income from real estate, options, or something else?


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