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November 2015 – Dividend Update


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As we enter the last month of 2015, it’s time for my November dividend update. It’s cold outside, even in sunny California, but my dividends are smoking hot. This year has been a fantastic growth year for me.  I ended November by earning $319.46 in dividends. This takes my 2015 dividends earned to $3,194.34. Once December dividends are added up,  I will likely miss $4,000 in dividends, but will end up very close, maybe $3,900.

Before I get a bunch of comments, I know, I can figure out what my December payout will be. Since it’s Christmas time, I decided I wouldn’t peek at my gifts; I’ll just wait and be surprised with my December dividends. December is a big dividend payout month for me, it’s looking to be somewhere between $700 and $800; either amount would be a monthly record for me.

My Dividends

My dividends collected in November were as follows:

My Dividends – Year-Over-Year

This chart tracks my monthly dividends on a year over year basis. 2014 numbers are in blue and 2015 numbers are in red. My dividends in November went from $243.17 in 2014 to $319.46 in 2015.

Full Disclosure: Long ROYT, O, COST, OHI, TIS, OKE, T, KMI, APPL

Did you reach your monthly dividend income goals in November? Are you on track to reach your 2015 Dividend goal?


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