December 31

My 2017 Annual Goals


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2017 is literally right around the corner. I recently posted my 2016 goals retrospective. I’ll be carrying two goals over from 2016. The first is an annual goal of investing at least $50,000. The second will be a goal that I made progress on, but ultimately failed to achieve, weight loss. All told, I’m setting 6 goals for 2017.

Annual Goals

I’m setting five financial and one personal goal for 2017.

Goal One

Invest $50,000 dollars of new capital into my Investment Hunting Portfolio.

  • $11,000 invested into two Roth IRAs
  • $18,000 invested into my 401k
  • $21,000 invested into brokerage accounts

Goal Two

Get below 200 pounds. I weigh 208 pounds. I’m setting the goal of dropping to 195 pounds.

Goal Three

Invest $10,000 outside of the stock market. I’ll be adding $2,500 a quarter to Lending Club. I’ve used a P2P lending platform before, many years ago with Prosper. This will be my first investment out of the stock market in sometime. I plan on using Lending Club’s auto invest feature. So all investments will be made by their algorithm. I also plan on reinvesting payments into new loans.

Goal Four

Earn $7,500 in annual options income. In 2015, I earned $3,909 and $5,311 in 2016. I should be able to reach this goal as long as I leave enough capital in my accounts. I don’t sell options on margin, so I need to choose between buying stocks or selling options. This is for puts. I could buy stocks and sell covered calls.

To reach this goal, I’ll need to average $625 in realized options income per month.

Goal Five

Earn $7,500 in annual dividends. In 2016 I earned $6,252 in dividends. Reaching this goal shouldn’t be a problem, unless the market stays as hot as it is now. I’m not buying many stocks now; I’m still waiting for a sizable market correction. If the market stays hot all year, I’ll re-purpose this goal, with the income coming from option contracts.

To reach this goal, I’ll need to average $625 in dividend income per month.

Goal Six

Take my wife on two trips in 2017. One business trip and one personal trip. I’ll be in NYC two times and LA 10 times in 2017. Finding one trip to take my wife on shouldn’t be an issue. The second trip will be to celebrate our 20-year anniversary. This trip will be sometime in April or May. I haven’t selected a location yet. I’m thinking of Central America (Costa Rica or Panama), or Asia (Thailand, Singapore, or Vietnam). Then there’s always the EU. Currency is in my favor here. I’m thinking Spain or Germany. Location is still TBD.

Annual Goals Takeaways

There you have it. Six attainable goals. I should be able to reach these goals as long as I stay away from beer and french fries, and consistently invest money into my brokerage accounts. I’m feeling really good about achieving all six goals in 2017.

Have you set your 2017 goals yet? Which do you find harder to do, personal of financial goals?


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