July 2

June Dividends 2016


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We’ve officially hit the halfway point of 2016. It’s my favorite time on the month, time to share my June dividends. What a crazy market year it has been so far. Mr. Market doesn’t know if he wants to bull or bear. For the year though, my portfolio is up, along with my June dividends. In fact, I set a new record, well actually, two records. I set a new June dividends record. I also set a new monthly dividend record. I’ve said that I would pass $800 in dividends for June, but after another large dividend cut, courtesy of National-Oilwell Varco, my goal of $800 seemed out of reach. Thanks to a handful of new stock acquisitions earlier this year, I’m happy to announce that I reached my goal.

June Dividends

My June dividends totaled $830.31. Total dividend income earned in 2016 has moved up to $3,381.35. My new run-rate for 2016 total dividends earned is $6,762.70. This estimate assumes I don’t buy any more stock this year. It also assumes none of the companies I own shares of will increase their dividends. Neither of these scenarios will happen. Because of this, I’m still hopeful that the 2016 dividend goal I set at $7,500 is possible. Reaching the goal is possible but unlikely. In a perfect scenario, my monthly dividends would average $625 to reach $7,500 this year. My current monthly divided average is $563.65. I’m off by $61.83 a month. However, this run rate is based on a 12-month run rate. With six-months left this year, I need to generate a monthly average increase of $122.76 to reach $7,500.

June dividends came from 29 stocks in my portfolio. My average dividend per company in June was $28.63. The largest payouts came from IBM, CPA, MAIN, CMI, and JNJ. MAIN is not typically one of my highest payers, but this month MAIN paid a special dividend. I sure love special dividend payouts!

June Dividends Earned

June 2016 dividends are as follows:

Dividends Earned – Year-Over-Year

The chart below tracks my monthly dividends earned on a year over year basis. 2014 numbers are in blue. 2015 numbers are in red. 2016 numbers are orange.

My monthly dividend income in June has gone up from $64.95 in 2014, to $371.45 in 2015, to $830.31 in 2016.

I like to show the chart below as well. It’s just a different view of my dividend income year-over-year. I like it because it’s a good visual of the my dividend growth journey. As shown, in 2014 I made $821.99 in dividends for the entire year. This past month, I beat my 2014 totals by $8.32. This is so awesome. In less than 3 years, I was able to grow dividends at an impressive rate. The best part is there’s no magic to it, no secret formula. All it takes is time, persistence, and a handful of good stocks.

Overall Income

I’ve sold options for a little over a year now. I’ve decided that from this month forward I’ll start listing my dividend income and total income in my monthly update posts. Total income is options income added to dividend income. I made $455 selling options contracts in June. This income combined with dividend income equals June overall income of $1,285.81.

How much money did you make this month? Was your income solely from dividends or other sources?


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