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February Dividends and Options Income


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This is my February dividends and options income post. I hope you all had a great month and that you broke personal dividend income records. My February dividends came to $468.08. I also earned options income of $799.49. My total February dividends and options income was $1,267.57.

I set a 2017 goal of $7,500 in dividend income and $7,500 in options income. To succeed, I need to keep up an average monthly total of $625 in dividends and $625 in options. After the second month of 2017, I’m trending behind on dividend income and ahead on option income.

For the year, my dividend income is $1,043.45. This is off pace by $206.55. For the year, my options income is $2,235.50. This is ahead of pace by $985.50. March is a big dividend month. I’m hopeful that I can makeup for the dividend shortfall this month. Options have been tougher to come by. I’m not seeing as much value in premiums. I suspect March will be a lower options income month for me. However, with my cushion, I should be right on pace by the end of this month.

February Dividends

I was paid by dividends from 12 sources. The largest dividends came from Omega Health Investors and AbbVie. My average daily dividend income totaled $16.72.

February Dividends – Year-Over-Year

The chart below tracks my monthly dividends earned on a year-over-year basis. My February dividends are up  year-over-year. I made $197.69 more this February than last February. I’m really happy with this result, but annual gains like this one are not in my future. My March results will not be as impressive. I sold a bunch of stock last year and many of those dividends were paid in March. This month, I expect to earn about $600 in dividend income.

What was your February dividend income?


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