October 24

Buying More AT&T Stock


This content was saved from the old investmenthunting.com website, in case anyone was still looking for it (with the help of archive.org)

Just a quick post today. I took advantage of the recent AT&T stock price decline today. I bought 75 AT&T stock at $36.77 per share, totaling $2,758. This takes my AT&T share count from 100.97 to 175.97 shares. My cost basis per share is $35.43. These new shares will increase my forward annual dividends by $144.

AT&T stock has dropped 7% since October 19th. This drop is mostly due to M&A talks with Time Warner Inc. These two companies would combine to be a monster company. I don’t think regulators will let this merger go through. Either way, I’m happy to collect dividends until the deal is approved or shot down.

What’s your opinion of this merger? Do you think AT&T stock is a buy right now?


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