July 7

Averaging Down My Portfolio Stocks


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Finally a market adjustment is upon us. For the past few months, high quality dividend paying stocks have taken a beating. I don’t think this market dip is the big correction everyone is talking about, but interest rate concerns fears of a Greek default has driven down U.S. Markets. Lucky for me, many of the great stocks I currently own are trading below value.  Because of this, I decided today to average down on two stocks in my Investment Hunting portfolio.

I bought shares of Johnson And Johnson (NYSE: JNJ) and T. Rowe Price Group (NASDAQ: TROW).  Both stocks were down this morning at which time averaging down seemed like a good idea to me.  I initially purchased both stocks earlier this year at higher prices.  Since I liked these stocks at higher prices, it only makes sense to buy more shares while they are on sale.

Averaging Down JNJ

I purchased 50 shares of JNJ in March at $101.90 per share.  Today I purchased 10 shares at $97.75.  These new shares will add $30 to my annual dividend income.  I’ll spare you the analysis this time, but here is a link to my original JNJ analysis.  JNJ has been a popular pick in the dividend investor community lately.  Below are a few JNJ Analysis blog posts from the community:

Frugality to Financial Freedom
Dividend Diplomats

Averaging Down TROW

I purchased 50 shares of TROW in April at $79.83 per share.  Today I purchased 10 shares at $76.13.  These new shares will add $20.80 to my annual dividend income.  My TROW analysis from April  still holds true today.  This stock has been very hot the past few weeks.  Many of the bloggers I respect and follow have purchased TROW and written their own analysis on the company.  TROW blog posts:

Dividend Mantra
My Dividend Growth

Where do I find all of these links to recent buys and dividend stock analysis?  I’m glad you asked.  A Frugal Family’s Journey keeps a list of recent blogger buys and stock analysis.  These two list are extremely helpful and I appreciate the time AFFJ puts into managing them.  If you have not visited this blog I suggest you do and bookmark it for future reference.

Are you averaging down on any stocks in you portfolio? Which stocks are you watching or buying these days?

Full Disclosure: Long JNJ, TROW


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