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August Dividend and Options Income


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Welcome to my August dividend and options income post. The year is flying by and to my surprise, the market is still hot. We’ve seen a few bad days, but overall everything is still humming along. In this post I share dividend income, options income, and Lending Club income.

August marks the eighth consecutive month where I’ve set a monthly dividend income record. In August, I earned $563.70 in dividend income. Comparing August 2016 dividend income to 2017, I earned $232.98 more in dividends this year.

I also closed 5 options contracts, which earned me another $635.50. I haven’t sold any options recently. Most of my money is contracts are tied-up in medium-term covered calls and puts. Lastly, I earned $52.40 in Lending Club interest. My total August income from these sources is $1,251.60.

I set a 2017 goal of $7,500 in dividend income and $7,500 in options income. To succeed, I need to earn an average monthly total of $625 in dividends and $625 in options. I’m still ahead on dividends and still falling behind on options. I have many open contracts expiring in November. If I let these expire, I’ll still come in right around $7,500 in options income.


My current 2017 dividend income is $5,282. This is an annual pace of $7,924. My current 2017 options income is $4,805. This is an annual pace of $7,208. I’m confident that I will reach my dividend income goal; not so confident on hitting the options goal. There’s still 4-months left to this year, anything can happen.

August Dividend Income

I was paid dividends from 13 sources. My largest dividend income came from AT&T, followed by Omega Health Investors. My average daily dividend income totaled $18.79. My 2017 dividend income totals by month can be found on my Dividend Tracker page.

August Options Income

I closed five contracts in August, all covered calls. Total income after expenses was $635.50.

I have a bunch of open options, many expiring later in the year. I typically like to sell 30-60 day contracts, but to earn enough premium to make the risk worth it, I’ve been selling options expiring at the end of 2017 and early 2018. The image below lists all 11 of my open option contracts. If I let these expire, my realized revenue will be $2,993. My annual options income by month can be found on my Options Tracker page.

Many of these contracts are underwater. I’ve played covered calls in the hope of a market correction, but it hasn’t come. If markets stay hot, I may carry a few contracts to later dates, but most of these I’ll let expire. When they do expire if the contract is still underwater, I’ll surrender my shares and collect the premium.

How much money did you make in August?


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