About Me.

About me. I am one of those so-called crazy people who believes in dividend stock investing, with a hint of speculative investing and options trading; just to keep things spicy. I want Investment Hunting to be a place where I can share my stories of (wins and losses) with like-minded people. More importantly I want this blog to serve as a historical record, or what I did to reach my goals; something my children and grandchildren can read to learn more about me and the sacrifices I made to get ahead. Lastly, I want your interaction. Please join me on this adventure. Your questions and comments are not only welcomed, they are encouraged.

More About Me

I work in the media space for a very well know company by day. At night I research and invest in the stock market; particularly dividend stocks. My day and night life do not intersect and this is why unlike some personal blogs about investing and dividends that put a face to the URL, I am simply an Investment Hunter – Hunting for investments that will lead to a wealthy retirement. In an ideal world, dividends will pay me a healthy monthly salary in retirement. I am a closet blogger, by this I mean that most of my closest contacts have no idea I write a blog. There you have it, my secret is out. I feel so much better now. Think of me as the masked man dividend investor equivalent to Batman. This is not my first investing blog, if you know about my story, you know me by another name. For a few reasons I have chosen to start over again with a new blog. Same guy, same strategies, just a new facade.

I am a 43. I have amazing, beautiful wife, and two awesome children, 18 and 15. I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, home to amazing food and wine, fantastic weather, and truly unique people. I feel blessed to have been raised in this part of America, which is why even though it’s quite expensive, I’ve chosen to raise my children here. I grew-up in the 1970’s and what an amazing time it was. Aside from the Atari 2600 there was no cool technology, so the outside world was my domain. Back then, children ran free. My favorite childhood memories are of the summertime, leaving home in the morning and not returning until curfew at 10PM. My friends and I, a gang of skateboarders and BMX bike riders, owned my hometown. We explored everywhere, no stone was left unturned. Are parents really had no idea what we were doing and honestly being boys we were usually risking our lives or up to no good. It’s amazing we all turned out and survived. What were our parents thinking? To be honest, I long for those days for my children; to experience true childhood freedom.

I was raised in a low-income household. My parents had limited financial skills and no college educations. Education, school and financial, were simply not discussed in my family. My brother and I decided to write our own stories; he was the first in our family to graduate college, 5 years later I followed in his footsteps. Three years after that I obtained a masters degree. I have to say, my brother was and still is a key influence in my life. We both came from nothing and today we are both executives at Bay Area tech companies.

My financial history is rocky, think boom and bust (I’ll tell stories about both in later posts). The short story – In the 2000s, I was heavy into Internet Stocks and didn’t get out early enough = bust. Later on I invested in real estate and owned several properties. At this time I also put my money to work in private investments (PPMs), and bridge loans = Boom. I was killing it, making more money on a monthly basis than I ever imagined possible. My monthly ROI was in the double digits. 2008 hit me like a hurricane. My tenants stopped paying rent, my borrowers filed bankruptcy and stopped paying their loans, and most of my liquid income was invested in two Ponzi Schemes = major bust. It is fair to say that 2008 was the worst year of my life. I was in a very bad mental state, honestly I considered throwing in the towel. I thought about giving up, but quitting is for losers. Winners get knocked down, but they get up. I’ve been knocked down a few times, but I always get up, and when I do I am a better than before. To use boxing analogies, I’ve been knocked down twice. I’ve seen two of my opponents punches – jab and hook, those punches don’t concern me anymore as I have implemented a defense for these attacks. I just need to watch out for his cross and uppercut.

It took me several years to get back on my feet. Starting over with no assets is difficult and very humbling. It’s hard letting go of all your assets and moving back in with your parents (and bringing a wife and two kids with you). I did get back on my feet though and today my family is a stronger unit. About 2-years ago and after self-educating on investing, I decided to re-enter the stock market. I read many books and experimented with stocks. I decided that investing in dividend paying stocks was the best option for me. I have been inspired by the number of quality blogs about dividend investing. I have learned so much from the blogging community, much more than I could have learned on my own. There are hundreds of investing blogs I visit on a regular basis, some can be found on my Blogroll.

I enjoy researching and finding companies who fit into my system of evaluation. I love finding diamonds in the rough. I am passionate about dividends as a source of sustained income. I am especially interested in building a legacy with dividends. When my dream is realized, I will retire on dividends. The best part is the stock positions I have amassed will continue paying dividends long after I leave this world, and if properly maintained, will fund my family for generations to come.

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