April 5

My 2016 Goal Update


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My goal update. Time goes by so fast. It seems like yesterday I was writing my 2016 goal post. With the year now 25 percent completed, I figured it’s time to write a goal update post.

I need to do this, because I’m weak :-). Writing down and revisiting my goals help me stay focused. That means all of you are helping me through the finish line. I’ve made fantastic progress on some of my goals and minimal progress on others. The big changes I made from 2015 to 2016, were to reduce my total number of goals, and include more person goals. I’m revisiting and commenting on my 2016 goal update below.

2016 Goals

You can read 2016 goals in detail here. For times sake, I’ll just remind you all of the high level goals.

Goal 1 – Invest $50,000 dollars of new capital into my Investment Hunting Portfolio.

Goal 2 – Find 250 new blogs of interest and make at least two meaningful comments on each blog.

Goal 3 – Take my wife on two trips.

Goal 4 – Collect $7,500 in dividend income.

Goal 5 – Spend one day a month hanging out with my son.

Goal 6 – Lose 26 pounds.

Goal 7 – Improve my Alexa Rank

2016 Goal Update

Goal 1 Update – I’ve invested a total of $16,087. $11,000 went to IRAs for my wife and I. $4,849 has been invested into my 401k. The remaining $238 was invested in my personal retirement account. I still need to invest $33,913 by the end of 2016 to complete this goal. Last year I can in under by a few thousand. This could be the case this year too. My daughter and her college expenses are really adding up. This is having a direct impact on my savings ability.

Goal 2 Update – I’ve found and commented at least twice on 93 blogs. I’ll share the full list of sites at the end of the year.

Goal 3 Update – I took my wife on my business trip to New York City. We had a busy week full of dinners, theater, and catching up with friends. I’m taking her on a second trip in June to Hollywood.

Goal 4 Update – I’ve collected $1,612 through Q1. This is an annual run rate of $6,448. I bought shares in 6 companies in Q1. These new dividends will get me closer to the target, but I do need to buy a few more stocks to hit $7,500.

Goal 5 Update – In January I spent the day at a Lacrosse tournament with my son. In February, we stayed in all day and played video games. In March we didn’t do anything together. So I’ll double up this month.

Goal 6 Update – I’ve lost 7 pounds. My current weight is 219.

Goal 7 Update – The results of  Alexa ranking goal have been fantastic.

January 1st

  • International Traffic Rank – 3,049,900
  • U.S. Traffic Rank – 621,857

April 1st

  • International Traffic Rank – 957,419
  • U.S. Traffic Rank – 142,088

I increased my Alexa International Rank by 2,092,481.

I increased my Alexa U.S. Rank by 479,769.

2016 Goal Update Takeaways

I’m very happy with the progress of most of my goals. Goal 1 and goal 6 have me the most nervous. I’m doubtful I’ll be able to invest $50,000 this year. I’m also concerned about my weight loss. I’d like to be further along at this time of the year.

How are you doing with your 2016 goals? Did you post a goal update?


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